Waitakere On Track

‘The Trusts’ Waitakere Brass spent the evening of 19th February performing for some of the world’s top athletes. The band was invited to play at ‘The Black Singlet Invitational’ athletics meet, held at the Trusts Waitakere Stadium.

The event was the biggest athletics meet to be held in New Zealand in nearly 20 years, and was the first ever event to be hosted at the Douglas Track and Field since the completion of the new Trusts Grandstand. Adding to the excitement of the evening was the announcement of shot-putter Valerie Vili as the winner of the Supreme Prize in the Halberg Awards.

Vili was present at the meet and live television links from the awards ceremony in Christchurch were beamed into the stadium. Waitakere Brass provided music for medal ceremonies and entertainment throughout the evening to an enthusiastic 2000-strong crowd

** this blog was originally created in Feb 2008 

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