Support our Kids with The Warehouse – Bags for Good!

We had some good news recently when our Academy Band along with two other local community groups/charities have been selected to participate in the Bags for Good initiative at The Warehouse in New Lynn.


If you purchase a 10c plastic bag at The Warehouse in New Lynn you are given a token to place in the Bags for Good donation boxes as you leave the checkout (we are the box on the far right!).  Remember to ask for tokens and place them in the box. Don’t worry if you don’t like using plastic bags, you can opt to donate the 10c but decline the bag.

The campaign starts in August and funds raised are given to each of the store's community partners according to their percentage of total votes. Every six months the charities change and others are given the chance to get a donation.

The Warehouse focuses on helping children, youth and family charities, and try to reduce the amount of plastic bags going out into the community. The scheme has resulted in an 80% reduction in bags issued by The Warehouse with profits from the 10 cent charge being donated to local community groups and charities.

Next time you are planning a trip to The Warehouse choose the New Lynn store and pop a token in our donation box.

Happy voting!

Visit for more information.

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