Solo performers take centre stage at ABA event

On Sunday 23 May members of both the youth band and senior band took part in the Auckland Band Association’s solo and party events. 

Congratulations to Fendall Hill on winning the Championship Slow Melody, with Stephen Booth making it a Waitakere 1-2 in this prestigious event.
Courtney Hildreth played beautifully to claim second place in the Non-championship Slow Melody, and Gary Bilton was third in the Championship Not-slow solo section.
Stephen and Gary teamed up to win the open duet section. “Solo and ensemble playing strengthens the core of the Band, and we look forward to more players taking part at future events,” Steven said.

The event was organised by ABA president Craig McKee and his wife Julie McKee, both members of the Band, and was agreed by all to have been a most enjoyable and very well run indeed.

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