Instagram + Eventbrite Partnership was music to our ears.

When our supporters visit the Waitakere Auckland Brass Instagram page, they are now able to buy tickets for all our concerts without leaving the Instagram app.

We started using Eventbrite to streamline our concert tickets sales in late 2017 so the news of Eventbrite’s partnership with Instagram was music to our ears.


Our Marketing Coordinator, Tracey Ashton, has been working hard on raising the bands profile on social media and said “We now have a really engaged and enthusiastic community on Facebook and Instagram with Instagram proving to be one of the most powerful channels for us to grow awareness of our band both here in New Zealand and overseas.”

We still offer multiple ways for people to buy our concert tickets as we are mindful that not all of our supporters are online. Through the Eventbrite platform we can offer online ticket sales, manual payment by direct deposit or request an invoice but everything is managed through the one event dashboard, no more duplicate spreadsheets and lists of who has taken tickets and paid or not paid!

Our supporters have already been enjoying the ability to book tickets seamlessly from Facebook via the ‘get tickets’ button on the Facebook event page, which works really well and a great way to expand our reach.

Another bonus is the print at home ticket option but if supporters don’t have a printer at home they can simply show us the ticket on their phone on arrival at the concert. On the day of the concert, we can choose to scan guest tickets in on our front of house device or just pre-print a guest list for our front of house volunteers to manually check people in. These days getting people into the venue quickly is a breeze and makes for a professional front of house experience for our guests.

Whether we like it or not we are in the digital age and with print costs becoming prohibitive for many bands, social media channels are a critical element of our overall band marketing strategy.

Photo by Tracy Le Blanc from Pexels


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