Drum Roll Please … Steven Booth Brings Australian Baritone Title back to NZ! [Mar 2008]

The Trusts Waitakere Brass have good reason to be proud of their Musical Director, following his visit to the Australian National Championships in Brisbane last week.

Steven guested with the Waratah band under their new MD Matt Van Emmerik and, not only was his solo playing in the set test Dances and Allelujas commented on by the adjudicator as one of the best and most musical of the day, he also helped the band to first place in the own choice section with some very musical solo playing in their rendition of Music of The Spheres, which they won from number one draw.

Steven also became the Australian National Baritone Champion with what was described by many listening as a 'simply sensational' performance of the set test, Concerto Per Flicorno Basso.

Steven commented on Waratah's tremendous efforts saying: "The band has overcome a lot in the past few months, what with the floods destroying their bandroom, instruments, music and whole history. They have also had several changes in personnel, but have overcome these challenges admirably, under the guidance of musical director Matt Van Emmerik and president Grahame Scott. The band are once again a serious force to be reckoned with and are back where they belong, as one of the leading bands in Australia."

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