Christmas brings Youth Band to the stage [Dec 2009]

This year’s Christmas Concert was a cracker as the band joined forces with The City Of Sails Barbershop Chorus and the children from our very own Youth Band.

The impressive barbershop group added variety to the program. Singing acapella 4-part close harmony their unique and entertaining style was well received by the audience which packed the stalls of The Glen Eden Playhouse Theatre.

The children from Waitakere Youth Band showed us how much they have progressed since their debut on stage back in August this year at our Toys For Kids concert. As the concert closed the kids added a real sparkle to the show as they helped Santa and Band President, Ken Young, in a ‘round the world’ Christmas band piece which proved to be a definite crowd pleaser. We look forward to featuring the Youth Band at more concerts in 2010

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