ABA Solo Contest - Soloists Shine


ABA Solo’s saw our band once again get significant results, and we had a larger number of people competing than over the previous few years. Well done to all, regardless of your result. It is a big thing to stand up in front of your peers, and an adjudicator, and play a difficult piece of music. There were successes, and we congratulate Steven Booth, Anne Filimoehala, Jamie MacKay, Karl Beaufort, Courtney Hildreth, Jess Rodda, Linda Filimoehala, Norman McFarlane, and Ofa Tu'uefiafi for their 1st placings. Steven, Grant Langdon, for their 2nd and 3rd placings, and we must give Anne a special mention. Not only did she win the Open Slow Melody, she then won the Championship Slow Melody as well. Incredible playing!

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